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For tongues stuck through lips;

sharp, bitten,

or forked






Drat Magazine is a love letter addressed to where strangeness and sincerity meet. Fed on unbelievable truths, wild fever dreams, and the closeness in bizarreness that makes it all worth living. The unique, uncanny, and under-discussed live here.

Drat Online is your digital postcode for escapism. Hosting all forms of media, it finds catharsis in curiosity. 

Set down what burdens you, gush over what thrills you, or take a stab at what haunts you.

Knowing well that tales of the in-betweens historically belong to those who have been marginalised, Drat will always hold dearest creations made against the odds. 

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Drat is an independent magazine, publishing online and compiling its first print issue.


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Drat's Editor

Esmeralda Voegele-Downing is a writer and artist.

Devoted to a lifelong study of horror and delight, her work explores esoterica, femininity, and the terrible — often all at once. Drat was born from her fumblings with the hinge between despair and hope. Her recent essays have appeared in the Bloody Women Journal, Suspira Magazine, and Sabat Magazine online.

Her favourite word is phantasmagoria.

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